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Howard Marshall is the celebrant of choice for weddings in Sussex and Surrey. Here he explains why.

We think of a wedding ceremony as “a crossroad where two lives intersect.”

People have found weddings conducted by registrars to be short, dry, legalistic and soul-less.  By contrast, I create ceremonies as individual and romantic as the couples I marry.  Ceremonies that are honest, authentic and provide memories to cherish forever. That’s why I am the celebrant of choice for weddings in Sussex and Surrey,

Couples come in many varieties. And your story must be at the heart of your celebration. As an independent celebrant, I offer contemporary couples a meaningful and fresh voice to express their love and commitment. In this way, we connect the traditional marriage to our modern lives.

We can fill your wedding with a sense of fun and adventure, without losing any seriousness of purpose.  Today, people of every race, faith, and heritage meet and marry. We can work together to respect traditions while finding a contemporary voice to say “I do.”

Your wedding celebration will tell the story of two individuals joining their lives, their dreams, their hopes, and their love. Firstly, I cherish the vision you have for your ceremony.  Secondly, I will help to bring your stories to life in a ceremony that reflects the future you aspire to together. And finally, I can help you create a wedding ceremony that tells the past, proclaims the present, and blesses the future.

It’s easy to see why Howard Marshall is the celebrant of choice for weddings in Sussex and Surrey.  Contact Howard now for a free confidential discussion, without obligation.

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