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A wedding ceremony has been described as “a crossroad where two lives intersect.”

It is regrettable, therefore, that most people’s experience of civil weddings, conducted by registrars, is of something short, dry, legalistic and soul-less.  By contrast, if you’ll allow me, I’ll provide you with a ceremony that will be as individual and romantic as you are.  It will be honest and authentic and a memory to cherish forever.

Couples, and the celebrations they choose, come in many varieties. Whatever sort of couple you are, I believe it is essential that you and your wedding ceremony are at the heart of your marriage celebration. My goal, as a professional celebrant, is to offer contemporary couples a meaningful and fresh voice to express the life passage ritual of marriage. By doing so, we can reconnect the marriage ritual to our twenty- first century lives.

Weddings need not be Victorian relics, but can be filled with a sense of fun and adventure, as well as common sense.  In our multi-cultural nation where people of every race, faith, and heritage meet and marry, let us work together to respect tradition while finding a contemporary voice to say “I do.”

At the heart of your wedding ceremony is the story of two individuals joining their lives, their dreams, their hopes, and their love; and it is the ceremony celebrating whatever your story may be that announces that joining-together to the world.

As a professional Celebrant, I will cherish the vision you have for your ceremony.  Without imposing my choices, I will help to bring your stories to life in a ceremony that is reflective of the future you aspire to together. I should be greatly honoured to help you create a wedding ceremony that tells the past, proclaims the present, and blesses the future.

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