putting love into words

…isn’t always easy, but the words that we choose to express our feelings are so important as we celebrate life’s important events.

The words that we choose can express the joy in our hearts as we welcome a new addition to our family and circle of friends through a naming or adoption ceremony.

The words that we choose can tell our own special story and can help set a solid foundation for our future together at our wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

The words that we choose can tell everyone that we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat through a  renewal of vows ceremony.

And the words that we choose when it’s time to say goodbye at the funeral or memorial service for a loved-one should amount to much more than just rattling off a list of facts. Whether mourning a loss or celebrating a life, it’s the words that we choose that will resonate, bringing comfort and maybe some joy.

Not everyone is a ‘natural’ at choosing the right words or knowing how to use them.  Howard Marshall will provide you with a hand-crafted, unique ceremony that will leave you with wonderful memories – no matter what the occasion.

Howard is a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants who is based in West Sussex and who can help you make your own decisions about the content of your own ceremonies.  It’s a collaborative process, in which Howard will encourage you to supply your own form of words, with his help and guidance.

Howard Marshall does not come from the standpoint of any doctrinal belief or unbelief.  As a professional celebrant, his own beliefs and values are not relevant.  What’s really important is that Howard will help you to have the celebration of your own choosing.